Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New School Year

On Monday, we started a new school year.  We took pictures by the boxwood out front, as usual.

My kindergartener!

Fourth grader!

I've changed things up this year.  Previously, I'd been more lax with our routine.  But I think I've discovered that my son does better with a more strict schedule.  He thrives on knowing what to expect, and when, and for how long.  Our school day is longer this year, partly because I have two kids to teach, and partly because fourth grade requires more work.  To help ease that reality, I've added more games into each morning.

After our first day, both kids were completely exhausted!  I'm talking droopy eyelids and sluggish movements, and they fell asleep before 7:30.  Last night they both slept 12 hours.  I guess the brain uses up a lot of energy.    

Some days are busier than others.  Yesterday, we did 3 hours of school, went to the store to buy tap shoes, went to playgroup at the park, left my son there with friends while I took my daughter to dance class, came back and got my son, then came home to meet with our writing tutor.  Today, we will do 3 hours of school, and then bake banana bread and stay home to play and read. 

I'm so very happy spending this time with my children!  The feeling I get when one of them understands a new concept, or enjoys an activity I planned, I can't quite explain the way it fills up my heart.  I am also glad to be back into the more structured life that fall brings.  I feel a fresh sense of purpose and almost giddy with my goals.

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Ms. Moon said...

Lora, your children continue to be the most beautiful children. Their very souls are filled with light and it spills out of them and you are doing such a wonderful job with them and it shows and they are blessed and so are you.
Happy school days!
And as always, thanks for the pictures which are so joyful.