Sunday, April 28, 2013


I never, ever tire of simple days spent at home with my family.  Today we logged another cool, gray, and rainy spring day.  So we stayed inside.

At bedtime yesterday, Bee was quite upset that he hadn't done all the fun things he hoped he would during the day.  So when he woke up today, he made what he called a schedule.

His list looked like this:

-Read sister a book
-Play a computer game with dad
-Play mancala with mama
-Watch tv
- Take a shower
-Play with the guinea pigs

His sister thought this list-making was a great idea, so she had me write one for her.  Here is what she  told me to put on it:

-Read books in the bed
-Play in the bed
-Watch Rapunzel
-Read more books with mama
-Lay in the bed with daddy

We did all of those things, and also more things, or course.

My guy went and got groceries and we put them away together and kissed in the kitchen.  I made some no-bake cookies, and while the kids and I were patiently waiting for them to harden, my guy ate two of them with a spoon.  I did the thing where I cleaned the kitchen, then used it and made it a mess, so I cleaned it again, and messed it again, and so on.

Really, it was my kind of peaceful hermit day.  I never even put on a bra, but I did put on mascara.  I guess if I made a "schedule" that is what it would say.  Read books to my girl, play a game with my boy, kiss my man,  bake cookies, read a book, put on mascara, and don't wear a bra.


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Ms. Moon said...

Oh sweet Lora. I have missed you and your family.
I am glad to know that the correct priorities are being observed at your house.
And here is my observation- you will get far more bang for your buck with either mascara or lipstick than you ever will with a bra.
Oh wait. Maybe that's just me and my bosoms.
Love you, dear.